basic foundations of computational and logic thinking

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basic foundations of computational and logic thinking
  1. basic computer components
    1. computer
      1. soaftware
        1. is a logical since it refers to the programs which are the instructions that tell the device what to do step by step
        2. hardware
          1. is physical it contains the electrical,mechanical and electronic components y the fisic things in the computer
          2. imput devices
            1. keyboard
              1. mouse or pointer
                1. microphone
                  1. digital cameras
                    1. scanners
                      1. biometric devices
                      2. output devices
                        1. monitor
                          1. printers
                            1. speakers
                              1. fax
                              2. storing devices
                                1. cd
                                  1. usb
                                    1. they can be
                                      1. magnetic
                                        1. optical
                                          1. solid
                                        2. one of the most important of the computer
                                          1. microproceessor
                                            1. is considered the brain of the computer
                                          2. memories
                                            1. ROM
                                              1. stores data and interactions in a permanent way
                                              2. flash memory
                                                1. it is a reading and writing memory and it can be deleted electronically
                                                  1. ports
                                                    1. they send and recibe info
                                                    2. usb
                                                      1. is the most comunt memory it is compatibility with different operating systems
                                                    3. RAM
                                                2. internal functioning of a computer
                                                  1. microprocessor
                                                    1. is te most important integrad circuit
                                                    2. cpu
                                                      1. control unit
                                                        1. executes each one of the interactions of a program and directs the flow data controlling the resources such as tue memory and the input and output devices
                                                        2. arithmetic logic unit
                                                          1. executes the arithmetic operations such as additions, subtractions,multiplication and division and executes the logical ones.
                                                      2. data clasification
                                                        1. number
                                                          1. alphanumeric
                                                            1. audiovisual
                                                              1. physical
                                                              2. types of data
                                                                1. data simple
                                                                  1. numeric
                                                                    1. logic
                                                                      1. character
                                                                      2. data complex
                                                                      3. methodology to define and solve problems
                                                                        1. steps
                                                                          1. collecting info
                                                                            1. solution creation
                                                                              1. solution implemetation
                                                                                1. evaluation
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