SAB7#107 Leadership Styles

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Mind Map on SAB7#107 Leadership Styles, created by David Hernandez on 24/08/2015.

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SAB7#107 Leadership Styles
  1. Directing
    1. Telling others what to do
      1. Army General
    2. Facilitating
      1. Coordinates the input of others
        1. Debate Moderator
      2. Coaching
        1. Helps others achive their goals
          1. Course Instructor
        2. Supporting
          1. Provides assistance along the way
            1. University Professor
          2. Autocratic
            1. Top-Down, Everyone does what the manager wants them to do
              1. Monarchy
            2. Consultative
              1. Bottom-Up, Consider others ideas
                1. State Governor´s survey
              2. Consultative-Autocratic
                1. Silicits input from team members but retains decision making authority
                  1. President
                2. Consensus
                  1. Making decision is based on group agreement
                    1. Senate or House of representatives
                  2. Delegating
                    1. Defines the goal and gives authority to the team to execute the work
                      1. Governor and the mayors
                    2. Bureaucratic
                      1. Focuses on following procedures exactly
                        1. Hospital or Prision
                      2. Charismatic
                        1. Inspires enthusiasm
                          1. Dalai Lama
                        2. Democratic
                          1. Encouraging team participation in the decision-making process
                            1. INE
                          2. Laissez-faire
                            1. Leave alone, manager is not involved in the work of the team
                              1. Highly skilled team
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