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mapa conceptual libro en coma de Robin Cook

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  1. Author:
    1. Robin Cook
      1. He is from USA, is doctor, painter, teacher and writer
    2. Principal Characters:
      1. Susan Wheeler
        1. Medical Student
        2. Mark Bellows
          1. Medical Resident
          2. Harold Stark
            1. Surgery director
          3. The story takes place over 4 days, from monday to Thursday
            1. In the memorial Hospital
              1. Susan went to the hospital with four classmates because they have to take the third course of their carrer in the surgery department .
                1. The teacher was mark bellows, who will guide them in the learning process
                  1. The first day Susan met two patients Sean and Nancy
                    1. Nancy was in coma due to anesthesia complication 9 days ago
                      1. Sean Berman had a knee problem and that day he was to be opereated
                        1. Sean also fell in coma
                        2. That day she felt so bad because the both patients were young, almost of the same age of her
                          1. The same day she started the investigation of the problem because she thought that could find a new disease
                            1. She seaarched help from the director of anesthesiology and his reaction was so rought
                              1. She started to search information illegally
                                1. Then she decided to go with the doctor Stark and he was interested in the information that Susan brought him so he decided to help susan..
                                  1. after seeing several data she realized that all the patients who had fell in coma had been operated in the room 8 and then they were taken to the jefferson hospital
                                    1. with her investigation she discovered the problem: the patiemts were intoxicated with carbon monoxide
                                      1. And they were taken to the jefferson hospital to extract their organs and sell it
                                        1. Susan deicided to tell stark and she realized stark was involved in the case but was late and he dope susan, he tried to do the same with susan but Bellows knew all about the case, because susan told him, so he called the police and he stopped the flow of the lethal gas.
                                          1. The End
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