A Mirror Of The Sol.

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A Mirror Of The Sol.
  1. Author: Alicia Madrazo
    1. Principal Characters


      • Principal Characters
      1. Soledad Lara Lara
      2. Secundary Characters
        1. Her Parents, Her Grandmother, Hector, Valentina and Aurora
        2. The book tells of Sol a young women of 18 years old, that was finishing the high school, in a family party her grandmother aked "¿What do you want to study when you finish school? and Sol didn't know that want study, but what most liked was dance Flamenco and so she said to her grandmother for what her grandmother anger with she and said that Sol would starve, then it did that Sol started to worry for her future, so that she was distracted in classes, she studied in the morning and taked classes of Flamenco dance in the evening when she also distracted and didn´t danced good, when finished the class of dance she should waitto her father, her teacher of dance Aurora wanted speak with her for what Sol said that her grandmother didn´t be of agreement with what she wanted be in the future.
          1. then her father arrived for she for carried to house and speak with her about her future, but she answered the same. She was with the family of her father with what she didn't a good relation ship, and she had ask to her father about of prom for that should separated a place for the graduation ceremony.
            1. She had a boyfriend and many friends in her school for what prepared all for their prom for the which has to do collections for can do it. Then of her graduation she things that while she decide that want for her future, she will works and so can pay her dance classes. In the end her boyfriend finished the relationship because he would live to another place. He gave one the last tip told her that "she had always known that was what she wanted to do in your life can't entangle left by others".
              1. The End
                1. Produced by: Angie Chaparro
          2. Editorial: Ediciones SM, Mexico 2006, 159 Pag, First edition in Colombia: Febrero of 2011 Ediciones SM Colombia.
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