Breaking Down - stephine Meyer

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Breaking Down - stephine Meyer
  1. Stephie Meyer
    1. The Marriage in Forks
      1. Edward Cullen
        1. the Honey moon was in the Esme island. located in brazil. the first night they are in the sea por la noche all nude. later they have your firt sex night as married
          1. The baby born but the broken many bones a bella. the pain was too she lost consciousness and leaving the baby she doesn´t react. Edward began a bite all body trying to make ir vampire but she still unreacted. and the end the movie she began a experience changes in your body as the hair color, eyes color, skin color and and many more
          2. Bella swan
            1. Jacob Black appeared at the wedding telling to Bella that if marries the vampire your friendship end.
              1. Bella and Edward have sex almost every night, she had many wounds. as the days Bella look that body have a changes and the four day she believed to be pregnant. edward in this moment finsh the honey moon for come back a forks y said carlise that the realize medical examns to confirmate if she is pregnant.
                1. the fetus it grows in a dangerous way removing all forces.your friend alice walked away from her because the fetus let her have the right views. but Rosalie the support in all time because she always wanted to be a mother
                2. Alice cullen organize the marriage between your brother and sister in-law
                  1. the invites were: Charlie Swan , Reneé , Carlise Culle, Esme Culle, Rosalie Hale, Emmet Cullen,Jasper Hale and some of his friends and fellow of the institute
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