Holocausto Gerald Green

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Holocausto Gerald Green
  1. By Gerald Green
    1. START
      1. The family Weiss family lived in Germany. They were jewes. Ana Berta and engaged to play piano, Karl was a painter , Josef was a doctor , and Rudi played soccer . Dorf family was German but had no job. Dorf was a lawyer but could not work because hittler judged and killed all lawyers
      2. END
        1. Rudi in Hungary met the woman who would be his wife. karl days after he was killed in central Germany after being beaten for several days by igna last and Rudi met and shared their experiences
        2. MIDDLE
          1. one night a Jew killed a German in Poland illustrious sparking fury German , called chrystall natch that night the Germans killed the palitz grandparents and kidnapped days after karl Josef after he was taken to Poland with other Jews . Rudi fled Germany to avoid being killed Ana died in a concentration camp after being raped Berta went to Poland and met Josef and  his brother in love Moises then they were taken to a concentration camp in Austria where they were poisoned
          2. CHARACTERS
            1. WEISS FAMILY
              1. IGNA HELMS
                1. KARL WEISS
                  1. BERTA WEISS
                    1. GRANDFATHERS PALITZ
                      1. JOSEPH WEISS
                        1. ANA WEISS
                          1. RUDI WEISS
                          2. DORF FAMILY
                            1. ERIIK DORF
                              1. ERIK´S SOONS
                                1. MARTHA DORF
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