SAB7#111-112_Plan Communication Management

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SAB7#111-112_Plan Communication Management
  1. 1) Project Management Plan
    1. Iformattion as Exe, MyC & Close the Project
    2. 2) Stakeholders Registred
      1. Identification, Evaluation and Classification),
      2. 3) EFFs .- Enterprice Enviroment Factors
        1. Culture, Regulatión Standards
        2. 4) OPAs.- Organizational Process Assets
          1. Politics, Proecedures, Enterprise Knowledge
          2. 1) Communication Requirements Analysis
            1. Type & Format Requiered
            2. 2) Communication Technology
              1. Cmn Channels, easy access Availability Technology
              2. 3) Communications Modell
                1. Sender, Message, Receiver, Noise and feedback
                2. 4) Communication Methods
                  1. Interactive, Push & Pull
                  2. 1) Plan Communication Management
                    1. Information and Responsible communication
                    2. 2) Documents Updates
                      1. Project }shcedule and Stakeholder register
                      2. B) Planning
                        1. Initiated.- Communication Managemment Plan
                        2. C) Planning
                          1. Analysis (Time & Cost)
                          2. A) Initiating
                            1. Stakeholders Register
                            2. 5) Meetings
                              1. Find Modells and Technologies Communicaton
                              2. D) Planning
                                1. Finished.- Communication Management Plan
                                2. Manage Communication
                                  1. Execute Communications
                                  2. Control Communications
                                    1. Ensure Communications effective
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