The courtship of Mr.Lyon: Gothic & Fairytale

Vicky Andres
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The courtship of Mr.Lyon. Fusion of genres

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The courtship of Mr.Lyon: Gothic & Fairytale
  1. Gothic
    1. Setting in a castle
      1. Gives the audience an idea of the nature of the plot
      2. Mystery and suspense
        1. Beauty's Father
          1. Not knowing who his host is
          2. Beast
            1. Keeping his true feelings secret
          3. Supernatural Events
            1. Beast transforming into a man
              1. "And then it was no longer a lion in her arms but a man, a man with an unkempt mane of hair and, how strange, a broken nose, such as the noses of retired boxers, that gave him a distant, heroic resemblance to the handsomest of all the beasts."
            2. Gender roles
              1. Beauty
                1. She is the protective one in the relationship
                  1. She is the heroin, she saves the beast
                    1. 'Don't die, Beast! If you'll have me, I'll never leave you.'
                    2. Dominant character
                    3. Beast
                      1. His physical appearance follows the stereotype
                    4. Isolation
                      1. The beast is isolated from society due to his animal form
                      2. Entrapment
                        1. The beast is being trapped by his animal form
                        2. Corruption of innocence
                          1. Beauty's innocence corrupted through his father wealth
                            1. "was learning, at the end of her adolescence, how to be a spoiled child"
                              1. "the one white rose she said she wanted; the only gift she wanted, no matter how the case went, how rich he might once again be"
                            2. Women in distress
                              1. No women in distress
                                1. Beauty's father in distress
                                  1. His car breaks down
                                    1. "But the old car stuck fast in a rut, wouldn't budge an inch; the engine whirred, coughed and died and he was far from home"
                                  2. Beast in distress
                                    1. He lives alone
                                2. Fairytale
                                  1. Gender role reversal
                                    1. The beast
                                      1. The Beast begs the Beauty to come back and visit him
                                        1. Instead of the Beauty being scared of the Beast, the Beast feels threatened by the idea that the Beauty leaves him
                                          1. "It will be lonely here without you",
                                          2. Vulnerable and subjective towards the beauty
                                            1. 'Since you left me, I have been sick. I could not go hunting, I found I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beasts, I could not eat. I am sick and I must die; but I shall die happy because you have come to say good-bye to me.'
                                          3. Beauty
                                            1. Shows Arrogance and materialism
                                              1. dismisses the Beast because of his appearance
                                                1. Innocence corrupted in the story
                                                  1. Corrupted by money and the life her father gave her in London
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