International Labour Organization

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International Labour Organization
  1. Director-General Guy Rider
    1. Deputy Director-General for Policy Sandra Polaski
      1. Responsible for providing overall leadership of the ILO’s research, policy and statistical work across the whole range of labour and employment issues.
      2. Deputy Director-General for Field Operations & Partnerships Gilbert Houngbo
        1. he has built a track record for combining strategic leadership with high integrity, as well as gaining experience and credibility in the fields of Diplomacy, International Development, Good Governance and Financial Management.
        2. Deputy Director-General for Management & Reform Greg Vines
          1. The focus of his work has been on labour relations, organization and workplace change, governance, and human resource management
          2. The Director-General wants the ILO to play a role in difficult global situations – such as economic crisis – and on the national agendas of countries undergoing change, especially where the world of work is at stake.
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