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Ot Review for bible

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OT Review!
  1. 8 . Exile
    1. King Nebuchadnezzar defeated jerusalem
      1. One of the most famous bible stories that is set during this time is the the story of David
        1. Cyrus the king of the Persians took the Jews from the Babylonians and released them from exile and returned them back to their homeland to rebuild their city and temple
          1. Many Jews relocated around the Mediterranean, which is known as the diaspora
            1. During this time the rebuilding of Jerusalems walls and Temple which was destroyed by the Babylonians
              1. Babylonians said the Jew can return back to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile
              2. 6. The Flood
                1. There was 8 people on the ark , Noah and Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons.
                  1. Noah had 2 of each animal, male and female on the ark
                    1. It took Noah 100 to 120 years to build the ark
                      1. Recreation of the world
                        1. Lasted 40 days and 40 night
                          1. No one believed Noah about god telling him to build it
                            1. Was built out of Gopher wood
                            2. 3. Blessing of Abraham
                              1. sara
                                1. issac
                                2. 3 promises
                                  1. inherit the land
                                    1. blessings and curses
                                      1. great nation
                                      2. hagar
                                        1. ishamel
                                      3. 4. Mt. Sinai
                                        1. Israelites
                                          1. sin and idolatry
                                          2. receives the law
                                            1. 10 comandments
                                            2. Moses
                                              1. 40 days and 40 night
                                            3. 2. The Fall
                                              1. Satan
                                                1. Adam
                                                  1. means humanity
                                                  2. Forbidden fruit
                                                    1. Eve
                                                      1. mom of life
                                                    2. 7. The Exodus
                                                      1. Was a shepherd for 50 years until god called him from a burning bush
                                                        1. God was gone for 430 years
                                                          1. Moses fled to Egypt and lived in Median
                                                            1. Red Sea
                                                              1. Pharaoh
                                                                1. Hard heart
                                                              2. 5. Jacob and his family
                                                                1. stolen blessing
                                                                  1. isaac
                                                                    1. rebekah
                                                                    2. birthright
                                                                      1. esau
                                                                        1. Hunter
                                                                          1. curssed
                                                                      2. 1. Creation
                                                                        1. The heavens & earth was made.
                                                                          1. The Sun & Moon were created on the 4th day
                                                                            1. Adam & Eve was one of the creation stories
                                                                              1. Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of evil instead of the tree of life & that cause the earth to have sin & death
                                                                                1. God made man out of his own image
                                                                                  1. Loneliness is the first thing God said wasn't good
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