Ship Loaders & Unloaders

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Ship Loaders & Unloaders

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Ship Loaders & Unloaders
  1. Radial Telescopic Shiploaders. The mobile radial telescopic ship loaders ensure unrivaled flexibility when loading a vessel.
    1. Shiploading Direct From Trucks. The mobile truck unloader for ship loading allows the operator to directly unload trucks in the Port for to eliminate the double handling of material.
      1. Direct Feed ShipLoader. The mobile direct feed ship loaders allows: use to load barges and ships directly from mountain trucks to maximize production rates and minimize on-site work.
        1. Rail Mounted Shiploader. The rail mounted shiploaders allow the unit to move easily parallel down the quayside.
          1. Cambered boom shiploaders. The customised design and manufacture philosophy of Telestack's engineers allow for complete 'one-off' designs and concepts to meet the needs of the application.
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