SAB7#108 Conflict Management

Daniel Pineda
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Daniel Pineda
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Mind Map on SAB7#108 Conflict Management, created by Daniel Pineda on 08/29/2015.

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SAB7#108 Conflict Management


  • Who generally has the authority over the situation described in the question? What resolution of this problem would best serve the customer's interested?
  1. Causes
    1. Nature of projects trying to address needs and requirements of many stakeholders
      1. Limited PM power
        1. Necessity of obtaining resources from FM
        2. Prevention
          1. Informing where the project is headed
            1. Informing project constraints and objectives
              1. Informing content of Project Charter
                1. Informing all key decisions
                  1. Informing all changes
                    1. Assigning work without ambiguity or overlapping responsabilities
                      1. Making work assignments interesting and challenging
                      2. Sources
                        1. Schedules
                          1. Project Priorities
                            1. Resources
                              1. Technical Opinions
                                1. Administrative Procedures
                                  1. Cost
                                    1. Personality
                                    2. Techniques
                                      1. Collaborating (Problem Solving)
                                        1. Open discussion of differences and try to incorporate multiple points of views in order to lead to consensus
                                          1. Win-Win situation
                                          2. Compromising (Reconciling)
                                            1. Find solution that bring some degree of satisfaction to both parties
                                              1. Lose-lose situation
                                              2. Witdrawal (Avoidance)
                                                1. Procrastination of decision
                                                  1. Dealing with problems is a PMI-ism
                                                  2. Smoothing (Accommodating)
                                                    1. Emphasizes agreement rather than differences
                                                      1. Temporary solution to give people space and really figure out what's going on
                                                      2. Forcing (Directing)
                                                        1. Pushing one viewpoint in expense of another
                                                          1. Win-Lose situation
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