French Revolution

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French Revolution

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French Revolution
  1. Causes
    1. Sociocultural causes
      1. Inequality
        1. -Clergy -Nobility -Peasants/Bourgeoisie
        2. Enlightenment ideas
        3. Economic causes
          1. Taxes
            1. Near collapse of the French budget
            2. Political causes
              1. Government bankrupt
                1. Unfair system
                  1. 3 Estates
                2. Influence of the American Revolution
                3. Consequences
                  1. Sociocultural consequences
                    1. Only men could vote
                      1. Religious toleration for all
                      2. Economic consequences
                        1. No that many taxes
                          1. Napoleón no regresótierras a la iglesia
                          2. Political consequences
                            1. Liberalism
                              1. Constitutionalism
                            2. Events
                              1. The National Assembly
                                1. Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates-General at Versailes the 5th of May where the 3rd estate said they wanted a constitutional government so they weren't the only ones paying taxes.
                                  1. 3rd estate deputies were locked. Locked, they moved to a tennis court and swore to continue meeting till they had a new constitution (Tennis Court Oath).
                                  2. Fall of the Bastille
                                    1. Parisians fight Bastille (prison) till the prison warden surrounded and then destroyed it.
                                      1. Rebellion were spreading till the king's authority collapsed in Paris and peasants reacted with breaking into houses of lords.
                                        1. As a result of the rebellions, the National Assembly reacted and took away all the privileges of the clergy and nobles.
                                        2. Declaration of the Rights of Man
                                          1. The National Assembly was inspired by the English Bill Rights and made the Declarations of the Rights of Man on August 26.
                                            1. The Declaration reflected Enlightenment the ideas about all men being equal and free. Olympe de Gouges did not accept the exclusion of women and wrote about women being as capable as men in political businesses.
                                            2. End of the Monarchy. First French Republic
                                              1. Louis XVI did nothing util he returned to Paris with his family and were kind of prisoners.
                                                1. The Constitution of 1791 said that there would still be a king but all the laws would be the responsibility of a Legislative Assembly.
                                                  1. Citizens ere not happy with food shortages and the defeats in the war so they attached the royal palace and de Legislative Assembly. Citizens made the Legislative Assembly to take off royalty
                                                    1. Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793. National Convention was led by Georges Danton.
                                                2. Reign of Terror
                                                  1. Jacobin Maximilien Robespierre dominated the Committee
                                                    1. The Committee of Public Safety took care of the government and made new policies that resulted to be the Reign of Terror.
                                                      1. During this, over 40,000 people were killed mostly for rebelling against the Convention. Like Marie Antoniette and Olympe Gouges.
                                                      2. A Nation in Arms
                                                        1. New French army that conquered Austria Netherlands and defeated foreign enemies and there was no need for the Reign of Terror.
                                                          1. People acted against Robespierre and was guillotined on July 28, 1794
                                                        2. The Directory
                                                          1. New Constitution (1795)
                                                            1. Lower house Upper house
                                                            2. Corruption
                                                            3. The Rise of Napoleon & Empire
                                                              1. Napoleon ended the Revolution when he came to power in 1799.
                                                                1. He took part in the coup d´état. Napoleon was made consul. He mended thing with the church. He created a new aristocracy.Freedom, equality and liberal traditions.
                                                                  1. He crowned himself. First French empire.
                                                                2. The Fall of Napoleon
                                                                  1. Napoleon's empire didn't last as long thanks to nationalism and Britain's ability to resist.
                                                                    1. "Great Retreat" happened to Napoleon's soldiers when crossing Russia and lost thousands of men. Nationalism. People weren't ready to support an empire.
                                                                      1. Napoleon got defeated by a British and Prussian army led by the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon was in exile until he died in 1821.
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