Water and its accesibility as a global issue

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Water and its accesibility as a global issue
1 Political Organizations
1.1 The WHO (world health organization) estimates lack of universal water access results in $24 billion in lost each year due to time spent gathering water
1.2 $260 billion is lost globally each year due to lack of adequate water supply and sanitation
1.3 The Pacific Institute published a book in collaboration with the oxford press, in which they present readable analysis and recommendations for a new federal water policy to confront national (U.S.) and global challenges.
2 Areas of Knowledge
2.1 Natural sciences: An article showed that from a natural scientific point of view we can analyze water as a finite resource with the relevant limits of sustainability.
2.2 Mathematics and statistics: facts such as: in 15 years 48 countries won't be able to to meet their basic water requirements, 50% of the world's population uses more water than it is naturally replenished, 9 countries in Europe are experiencing the first stages of water shortage.
3 Different economic classes
3.1 More than 750 million people around the world lack access to "safe water"
3.2 Accessibility to water is an indicator of social classes, the higher the accessibility to water, the higher the social class
3.3 82% of those who lack access to water live in rural areas, just 18 %live in urban areas.
4 The Media
4.1 Media focuses not in water deficiency as an issue but in how it affect us humans.
4.1.1 Stories involving water include: Kylie Jenner and Tyga being sanctioned by exceeding their limits in water consumption.
4.1.2 "The California Drought, this is a major story in diaries and news casts due to the fact that politically, it is controversial and it is causing the government a need for new laws and guidelines on water usage.
5 The world of philanthropy
5.1 As a human race, philanthropy defines that we should care about are finite resources of our world. Certain organizations provide loans to people with deficiency profit wise to maintain de water service.
5.2 United water is an organization that donates money to support non profit organizations that care for the environment.
5.3 Water deficiency has high risk percentage in creating violent conflicts
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