Gandhi (1869-1948)

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Mind Map of Gandhi (by Rowena Akinyemi) by Paul Araujo.

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Gandhi (1869-1948)
  1. Characters
    1. Main
      1. Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi
      2. Secondaries
        1. Gandhi's sons
          1. Halilal
            1. Manilal
              1. Devdas
                1. Ramdas
                2. Abdullah Sheth
                  1. Joseph Chamberlain
                    1. Henry Polak
                      1. Hermann Kallenbach
                        1. Mahadev Desai
                          1. Jawaharlal Nehru
                            1. Vallabhbhai Patel
                              1. Dr. Ambedkar
                                1. Rajagopalachari
                                  1. Motilal Nehru
                                    1. Vinoba Bhave
                                      1. Muhammad Ali Jinnach
                                        1. Kastur (Kasturba) Kapadia
                                          1. Ghaffar Khan
                                            1. Abul Kalam Azad
                                              1. Charles Andrews
                                                1. Ghanshyam Das Birla
                                                  1. Nathuram Godse
                                                2. Main ideas
                                                  1. 1. (1869 - 1892) Mohandas (Hindu) got married with Kastur, and he became a lawyer in London.
                                                    1. 2. (1893-1894) Gandhi was victim of racism and unjust laws while he worked in South Africa, then he decided to fight against them.
                                                      1. 3. (1895-1898) Gandhi travelled around India to talk about situation of Indians in South Africa. Then returned to South Africa to help poor people, and he founded Ambulance Corp during the war.
                                                        1. 4. (1899-1910) Polak gave to Ghandi a book (Unto This Last by Jhon Ruskin). Gandhi decided beginning to live in a simple way (Phoenix Farm). Time later, he created the satyagraha against British goverment.
                                                          1. 5. (1910-1914) Gandhi protested non-violence against £3 yearly tax and Christian marriages only, Poor Indians began to call him Mahatma.
                                                            1. 6. (1915-1919) Gandhi founded Ahmedabad's ashram and fought for Champaran's farmers and Ahmedabad's workers (He fasted for first time).
                                                              1. 7. (1919-1922) Gandhi travelled to a lot of cities, speaking about: Muslims and Hindus working together, khadi, and Untouchables. He was taken to Yeravda Prison.
                                                                1. 8. (1924-1931) Gandhi and his crowd marched against British Government (salt tax) and for the unit (Muslims and Hindus stopped to work together).
                                                                  1. 9. (1932-1939) Gandhi fasted again for the Untouchables's separete assembly. He didn't miss the hope on: "Muslims and Hindus would work and live together peacefully".
                                                                    1. 10. (1939-1944) Kasturba died in prison. Gandhi fasted for the violence. He got ill in prison, and he was released of prison.
                                                                      1. 11. (1944-1946) British Government left India, but Hindus and Muslim were fighting. Gandhi was too old (75 years old) and met Bengalis.
                                                                        1. 12. (1947-1948) Gandhi was hurt because Indians were agreed with a divided India. He wanted peace between Muslims, Hindus and Sihks, and once again he fasted. (He said: "My life is my message").
                                                                          1. 13. (1948) Gandhi (Father of the Nation) was killed in Birla's House. Patel and Nehru should be new leaders and Gandhi's message shouldn't died.
                                                  2. Places
                                                    1. Porbandar - Gujarat
                                                      1. Birthplace
                                                      2. Rajkot
                                                        1. Childhood and adolescence
                                                        2. London - England
                                                          1. University
                                                          2. Bombay (Mumbay)
                                                            1. Work, teach and fight
                                                            2. Durban - Nathal (South Africa)
                                                              1. Abdullah Sheth's house
                                                              2. Pretoria (South Africa)
                                                                1. Work, teach and fight
                                                                2. Calcutta, Poona and Madras
                                                                  1. Teaching
                                                                  2. Johannesburg-Transvaal (South Africa)
                                                                    1. Phoenix Farm and Tolstoy Farm
                                                                    2. Ahmedabad - Gujarat
                                                                      1. Ashram
                                                                      2. Poona
                                                                        1. Yeravda Prison and Aga Khan Palace Prision
                                                                        2. Sevagram
                                                                          1. Ashram
                                                                          2. Delhi
                                                                            1. Birla's House
                                                                          3. Personal opinion
                                                                            1. The Gandhi's life is a sample of bravery and humility. It teaches us that a peacefully fight could be the best way to demand our rights and to protest against unjustices of oppressors. In addition, if we take a simple life we would become honorable citizens.
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