Entertainment Technology

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Entertainment Technology
  1. A bit of History: Music Industry.
    1. Audio Streaming.
      1. Pandora and Spotify.
        1. 30 Perfect Growth Over the Previous Year.
          1. The download of the 25 billionth songs.
        2. User-Centric Mobile Entertainment
          1. What's the Future of Entertainment?
            1. Having good stories to tell.
              1. Technology-enabled Leisure.
              2. Technology is changing the way stories are created.
                1. Removing barriers to artist's creativity.
                  1. Canceling Space and Time Boundaries.
                    1. Video Streaming.
                      1. It's a Kind of Personalization.
                  2. Evolution or Revolution?
                    1. The introduction of MPEG standards
                      1. GPU-based graphics processing
                        1. Breakthrough Innovations
                        2. Technological Changes for Entertainment as a Whole
                          1. It's about Sports, Arts, etc.
                            1. Interactivity.
                              1. Entertainment Objetcs as Toys.
                                1. Synergies.
                                  1. Robots
                              2. 10 Multimedia Trends.
                                1. Video Display Ads
                                  1. Efectiveness.
                                  2. Filtering and aggregating video content.
                                    1. Mobile and Social will be the drivers of online video
                                      1. The Multimedia is here.
                                        1. Integration of content and impulse buying
                                          1. Boom Native Advertising
                                            1. Content and Technology
                                              1. Big data low cost
                                                1. A New proposal Contender value against viral video
                                                  1. New Era of Innovation
                                                    1. The online video to conquer the TV
                                                    2. Multimedia is the Future.
                                                      1. Interactive TV and VOD (video on demand).
                                                        1. CSPs
                                                          1. Mobile Operators, Cable and DSL.
                                                          2. Video Smartphones are everywhere
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