H and nH_modeling vs Thevenin and Norton

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differences between H and nH_modeling and Thevenin and Norton

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H and nH_modeling vs Thevenin and Norton
  1. Thevenin and Norton
    1. are
      1. two simplification techniques that explain terminal behavior
        1. For linear circuits
          1. Replace
            1. A terminal port
              1. source and impedance [1, 2]
                1. Those help to achive
                  1. To concetrate only in a portion of the circuit
                    1. However
                      1. those models are rigid
                        1. Dependent on the source
                          1. Are not related to the target
                            1. Which limits their applications
    2. Hybrid equivalent circuit
      1. An alternative model
        1. For a two terminal network
          1. Consist in
            1. A voltage source
              1. A current source
                1. An equivalent resistance
                  1. Can represent
                    1. Linear
                      1. Nonlinear networks
                        1. More dinamic
                          1. Could select its sources
                            1. Universality
                              1. It is use for
                                1. Noise analysis
                    2. Nullified H model
                      1. Special case
                        1. Depends on
                          1. Source network
                            1. Target network
                              1. Property
                                1. Power consumption is
                                  1. Minimized to zero
                                    1. Include
                                      1. Multi-port networks
                                        1. Minimizes the DC power dissipation
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