Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence
  1. Definition
    1. refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making.
    2. Stages: Cyclic Process
      1. Planning and Direction Stage
        1. Identify data and deliver a intelligent product
          1. Collection Stage
            1. Gathering raw info.
              1. Processing Stage
                1. Converts info. into a usable form
                  1. Analysis Stage
                    1. It includes integrating, evaluating, analyzing all available data and preparing intelligence products.
                      1. Dissemination Stage
                        1. Distribution of the finished intelligence to the consumers.
              2. Main Technologies
                1. Data Storage and Management
                  1. Data Warehousing
                    1. Ad. Hoc Analysis
                      1. Data Mining
                        1. Data Quality
                  2. Information Delivery
                    1. Scorecards
                      1. Dashboards
                        1. Managed Reporting
                          1. Collaboration
                    2. Query, Reporting & Analysis
                      1. OLAP Analysis
                        1. Production Reporting
                      2. Importance to organizations
                        1. Improves Management Process
                          1. Improve Operational Process
                            1. Predict the future
                            2. Organizations and BI
                              1. Large enterprises
                                1. BI technology has advanced, deployment, licensing, and support options have increased making it more affordable for small and midsized organizations
                                2. Example
                                  1. Restaurant chains such as Wendy’s, are heavy users of BI software.
                                    1. They use BI to make strategic decisions, such as what new products to add to their menus, which dishes to remove and which underperforming stores to close.
                                      1. They also use BI for tactical matters such as renegotiating contracts with food suppliers and identifying opportunities to improve inefficient processes.
                                        1. Because restaurant chains are so operations-driven, and because BI is so central to helping them run their businesses
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