Misuse and lack of natural resources

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Misuse and lack of natural resources

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Misuse and lack of natural resources
  1. Resources refers to excessive use, destructive use or achieving imbalance between resources either individually or in combination. Misuse of resources can also be direct or indirect. Direct misuse refers to such situations where the resource is directly destroyed or overused. But, many times, some resources are indirectly put to misuse. The depletion of resources has played a (though not exclusive) role in the collapse of past civilizations and which now threatens to lead "the collapse of world society as a whole"
    1. The problematic issues caused by misuse of natural resources the following:
      1. Limitations of regeneration and production
        1. We are facing a serious problem of depletion of essential resources, even though most humans have little access to them. Natural biological resources like forests, wildlife, crop, animals and human resources, exhibit limitations of regeneration and production in a short term
          1. Solution
            1. Promote the use of renewable energy
              1. WHAT?
                1. The renewable energy are defined as any energy resource that is naturally regenerated over a short time scale and derived directly or indirectly from the sun or from other natural movements and mechanisms of the environment
                2. HOW?
                  1. Encouraging the rational and efficient use of energy by means of public policies, advertising campaigns, educational workshops, among many others.
                  2. WHO?
                    1. Public officials, environmentalists, educators, including each of us.
            2. Loss of biodiversity
              1. Natural resources as hydro-ecological ones, are very important for the maintenance of the flora and fauna in Honduras, and the misuse of this type of natural resources causes a damage in this part of nature.
                1. Solution
                  1. A solution regarding this problem could be that the adults and parents teach to the children to care the environment, in order to safeguard the flora and fauna of this country, related to this, not only parents can teach to children how to save the environment, the government can do it too, through the utilization of environmental chairs where kids and adults can learn important things about the environment and how to care it. These chairs can be employed by the ministry of environment of Honduras, in no more than 3 or 4 months.
              2. Increase in poverty
                1. Many people in poor countries cannot afford to improve their circumstances caused by the devastating effect of the overuse and exploitation of the world's natural resources
                  1. Solution
                    1. Political participation and representation in terms of the environment
                      1. More political participation and representation provided by the State. ampio this means access to information and direct participation by civil society in government decision making. This would be an effective quejaz system of legal remedies and effective political representation in front of decision makers.
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