Political Knowledge in America

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Political Knowledge in America
  1. Time Magazine labeled 2008 "Year of the Youth Vote"
    1. Obama
      1. "tapping into a broad audience of energized young voters hungry for change"
      2. Lack of interest often leads to lack of information
        1. In 2012 young people were less likely to know political answers than older people.
          1. 2000 was the highest rate of people from the ages 18-29 who follow what's going on in government and public affair
            1. Young people have a lack of interest in politics that's why the graphs show such a low percentage on resluts
            2. Governments politically socialize the young.
              1. easier to pursade
                1. not as knowledgeable about politics so they are an easier targer
                2. Many people judge the health of a government by how widespread political participation is.
                  1. the ways in which people get involved make up their political participation
                    1. America does poorly when judged by its voter turn out which is the lowest in the world.
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