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  1. Risk management helps prevent many problems on projects. Effective risk management also helps to increase the probability and positive risk or opportunities.
    1. Through risk management the project management can stay in control of the project rather than being controlled by it.
      1. The project manager, sponsor, team, customer, other stakeholders and experts may be involved in the Plan Risk Management process to define how risk management will be structured and performed for the project.
        1. The Plan Management Risk process answer the question of how much time should be spent on risk management based on the needs on the project.
          1. Methodology
            1. Defines how you will perform risk management for the particular project.
            2. Roles and responsabilities
              1. Define Who will do what?
              2. Budget
                1. The Cost of the risk management process
                2. Timing
                  1. Talks about when to do risk management for the project.
                  2. Risk categories
                    1. Organizational process assets
                      1. Enterprise environmental factors
                        1. Stakeholder register
                          1. Project Management plan
                            1. Project charter
                              1. Expert judgment
                                1. Analytical techniques
                                  1. Meetings
                                    1. Risk Management plan
                                      1. Definitions of Probability and Impact
                                        1. The definitions and the probability and impact matrix help standardize the interpretations of risks and also help compare risks between projects.
                                        2. Reporting
                                          1. Describes any report related to risk management
                                          2. Tracking
                                            1. Describes how the risk process will be audited and how information will be documented regarding what happens with risk management activities
                                            2. Stakeholders Tolerances
                                              1. If the stakeholders have a low risk tolerance for cost overruns, that information would be taken into account to rank cost impacts higher than if the low tolerance was in another area.
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