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SAB7#129_Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis


Mind Map on SAB7#129_Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, created by Jonatan Rodríguez on 09/05/2015.
Jonatan Rodríguez
Mind Map by Jonatan Rodríguez, updated more than 1 year ago
Jonatan Rodríguez
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SAB7#129_Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  1. Risk register


    • The risk register from qualitative analysis is an input to quantitative analysis.
    1. Risk Management plan


      • The Risk Management plan describes how you’ll analyze risk.
      1. Cost Management plan
        1. Schedule Management plan
          1. Enterprise environmental factors
            1. Organizational process assets
              1. Risk register updates
                1. Interviewing
                  1. Probability distribution
                    1. Expert judgment
                      1. Sensitivity analysis
                        1. Expected monetary value analysis
                          1. Modeling and simulation
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