SAB7#116_Control Communications

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SAB7#116_Control Communications
1 Making sure communication is flowing as planned, to the right people, at the right time and in the right way
2 Work performance data
2.1 Tells you the status of each deliverable in the Project.
2.1.1 Team members and stakeholders need to know what's going on , so they can adjust their work and correct the problems early on.
3 Project mgmt plan
4 Project communications
5 Stakeholders
6 EEF's
7 OPA's
8 Work performance information
9 Changes mgmt
10 Update Project plan
11 Update Project documents
12 OPA's update
13 Issue log
14 Communication technologies
15 Communication model
16 Information mgmt systems
17 Performance reporting
18 90% of Project manager's time must be dedicated to communication
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