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1 1.- Human-Centered Design Phase 3: Prototype
1.1 Step 1: What to prototype
1.1.1 break the idea in smaller components that you can test
1.1.2 Experience mapping your idea community interact with your idea Break down the user experience beginning, middle and end visualize the user experience series of images, sketches, cartoons Create the storyboard What do you need to learn? Create an order of operations identify with questions are most important and prototype
1.2 Step 2: Make prototypes
1.2.1 They enable you to share your ideas with other people, get feed back and learn how to further refine them
1.2.2 Different kind of prototypes that you can create Create a model simple three-dimensional representations of your idea Create a mock-up digtal tools or websites with sketches on paper Create a role play Map out the structure, network, journey or process of your idea Create a story story of your idea from the future How the experience would be like Create an advertisement Fake advertisement that promotes the best parts of your idea.
1.2.3 Take pictures of the evolution of your prototype overtime
1.3 Step 3: Get Feedback
1.3.1 Feedback is one of the most valuables tools in developing an idea
1.3.2 Identify sources for feedback Is time to return to users and begin getting feedback on your ideas considering the setting what context you what to share your idea Define what to test Create a list that will remind you of the goals of your research Define feedback activities Plan the activities Facilitate Feedback conversations Invite honesty and openness provide multiple prototypes Stay neutral Adapt on the fly Capture learnings Take some time after your session to capture what you have observed Find a space and time Capture your ideas and design iterations Share your impresions What did participants value most? What got them exited? What would convince them about the idea? Which parts would the participants like to improve? What did not work? What needs further investigation? Integrate feedback Cluster the feedback Evaluate the relevance Prioritize the feedback Evolve your prototype
2 2.- Stories from the field: Rapidly Prototyping a Business Model , Understanding demand for a potencial service
2.1 Rapidly prototyping a business model
2.1.1 IDEO partnered with Unilever, Water and sanitation for the Urban Poor and the Global alliance for the improved nutrition to design a scalable business inKenya selling water alongside hygiene and nutrition products In few days , improved the three core components of the business model Sell 520 liters of clean drinking water
2.2 Understanding demand for a potential service
2.2.1 IDEO partnered with Water and Sanitation for the Urban poor to design a new pit latrine emptying business in Zambia Pump Away ¿? if the service would be desirable for consumers in Lusaka They created a rapid prototype to answer some of the unanswered questions
3 3.- Case Study: Sanergy
3.1 Launching a new human-centered service
3.1.1 fresh life toilet business Nairobi design challenge How might we increase regular usage of clean, hygienic Sanergy toilets? Children are scared to use their toilets because they are so clean educate children on proper use of the toilet Edutainment campains One of their more unique successes with human-centered design During prototyping learned operators dislike memberships because they are difficult to keep track on
3.2 Is an organization that's addresing the challenge of providing adequate sanitation to some of the 2.6 billion people wordwde who do not have access to it
4 Brings the best ideas to life that you imagined during the Ideate phase
4.1 Making ideas tangible
4.1.1 Quickly learn how to further improve and refine your ideas
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