SAB7#147_Procurement Control

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SAB7#147_Procurement Control
1 Involves managing the relationship the buyer and seller, and ensuring that both parties perform as required by the contrat.
2 While the work is underway, the buyer’s needs may change and, as result, the buyer mau issue a change order to the contrat.
3 A proyect that spends too much time dealing with contract changes should be reevaluated; the contract may need to be renegotiated or terminated.
4 Control Procurements is the process of managing procurement relationships, monitoring contract performance, and making changes and corrections to contracts as appropriate. The key benefit of this process is that it ensures that both the seller’s and buyer’s performance meets procurement requirements according tothe terms of the legal agrrement.
5 Project Management Plan
6 Procurements documents
7 Agreements
8 Approved change requests
9 Work Performance reports
10 Work performance data
11 Contract change control system
12 Procurement performance reviews
13 Inspections and audits
14 Performance reporting
15 Payment systems
16 Claims administrations
17 Records management system
18 Work performance information
19 Change requests
20 Project managment plan updates
21 Project documents updates
22 Organizational process assets updates
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