Drama GCSE-Acting-Becca Lyes

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spider diagram for GCSE drama acting key facts.

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Drama GCSE-Acting-Becca Lyes
1 Acting skills
1.1 Facial expression
1.2 Voice
1.3 Gesture
1.4 Stance
1.5 Reacting
1.5.1 React to what others are saying when you are not talking by using body language and facial expressions
1.6 Movement
1.7 Levels
1.7.1 Levels can be used to show status of different characters
1.8 Motivation
1.8.1 Research characters and try to understand characters motivation Character motivation is what that motivates characters to behave in a particular way.
2 Acting terms
2.1 Protagonist
2.1.1 Main character
2.2 Anatagonist
2.2.1 The bad guy
2.3 Denouement
2.3.1 The end of the play
2.4 Duologue
2.4.1 Two characters talking to each other
2.5 Proxemics
2.5.1 the distance between characters to show there relationship
2.6 Dramatic irony
2.6.1 The audience knows something the character does'nt
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