Self comes to mind

Andrea Velazquez Palomeque
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Andrea Velazquez Palomeque
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Explains the basic of how the conscious work

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Self comes to mind
  1. Conscious
    1. Comes from the brain
      1. Arise when a self process is add onto a basic mind.
        1. To construct the conscious depends on how we generated our feelings
          1. Two legacies
            1. Neural basis of consciousness
              1. Conceptions of mind and consciousness
                1. William James
                  1. Importance of the Self
              2. SELF
                1. Its a process, not a thing
                  1. The perception of the body, mind, past and present
                    1. Generates emotions and feelings
                  2. Vantage point
                    1. Self as object
                      1. Mind
                        1. Behavior
                          1. History of life
                      2. Self as knower
                        1. Experiences
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