Life of a BAA/Junior buyer

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Life of a BAA/Junior buyer

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Life of a BAA/Junior buyer
1 Roles and responsibilities
1.1 Ensuring your brand stays ahead of the game
1.2 Attend weekly trade meetings, supplying the assistant buyer with relevant data
1.3 Raise purchase orders
1.4 Work with the distribution team following up deliveries
1.5 Always keep critical path up to date and correct
1.6 Dealing with setbacks i.e. chasing samples, trimmings, sealing samples.
1.7 Attend fit sessions. Making notes to report to suppliers.
1.8 Up to date with industry developments. Competitors and performances
1.9 Ensure you know all relevant figures i.e. best/worse sellers and sales
1.10 Tasks; admin, filing, photocopying, diary management, updating spreadsheets, responding to emails and phone calls.
1.10.1 Attending fashion shows, visiting expeditions, create mood boards, help team.
2 Compentencies needed for role
2.1 Fashion related degree, BA in design, Textile management, Fashion journalism, Fashion and Marketing or Buying and Merchandising management.
2.2 Able to understand your customer and brand
2.3 Manage the process of ordering
2.4 Analyse and gather information to make correct choices
2.5 Must be organised and able to plan and prioritise work
2.6 Skills
2.6.1 Creative Trend spotting Range building Coordination Colour mix Styling details Garment balance
2.7 Buisness
2.7.1 Organised
2.7.2 Professional
2.7.3 Commercial
2.7.4 Analytical
2.7.5 Team player
2.7.6 Good presentaion
2.7.7 Able to multitask
3 Career opportunities
3.1 Assistant buyer
3.2 Buyer
3.3 Senior buyer
3.4 Head buyer, director
3.4.1 Normally work across different brands and categories for their progression.
4 Work alongside
4.1 Work alongside external suppliers within the UK and abroad.
4.2 Merchandiser's admin assistant
4.3 Have an open channel of communication
4.4 Design teams
4.5 Retail opporations
4.6 Garment tech
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