Element of the Novel

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Element of the Novel
1 Characters
1.1 Seth Barham
1.1.1 Smart
1.1.2 Hardworking
1.2 Jimmy Winter
1.2.1 Careless
1.2.2 Talented
1.3 Todd Biggs
1.3.1 Athletic
1.3.2 Fast
2 Theme
2.1 Message/Theme: Even if your not the best just keep on trying.
2.2 How Brought up in the Book: Seth was really bad when he first started playing but ended up being great.
3 Setting:
3.1 Time: Modern
3.2 Place/ Location: Red Wood, California
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Conflict/Problem: Jimmy has a drinking problem
4.2 Cause: His dad drank so he thought it was just fine
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