Language Learner Characteristics

Tam Maundrell
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Tam Maundrell
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Este mapa mental muestra los 7 factores más importantes que afectan el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua.

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Language Learner Characteristics


  • Language Learner 
  1. Intelligence
    1. has traditionally been ued to refer to perfomance on certain kind of test.
    2. Aptitude
      1. is the innate ability that people have and whose function is to help them to acquire learning.
      2. Personality
        1. A number of personality characteristics have been proposed as likely to affect second language learning
        2. Motivation and Attitudes
          1. Motivation is a comlex phenomenon which can be defined in two factor: learners communication and attitudes.
          2. Motivation in class setting
            1. The ways that teahers use in order to call the students attention i the class-room
            2. Learner Preferences
              1. It´s the method that learners want to acquire their learning
              2. Learners Belifies
                1. Learners are not always conscious of their individual learning styles.
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