Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 History
1.1 analyze past battles
1.2 organize events from BC
1.3 make timeline of Indus
1.4 know the B.O.R.
1.5 dinosaur bones
1.6 major events of Ming dynasty
1.7 List effects of an invasion
1.8 population in 20 years
1.9 Teach about Egyptians
2 Geography
2.1 map scale
2.2 support clean water
2.3 protecting wildlife
2.4 live and study Bantu
2.5 write guide to Indonesia
2.6 foods of Pygmies
2.7 captain ship across Atlantic
3 Economics
3.1 house budget
3.2 auto parts
3.3 diamond mine job
3.4 understand religon and impact
3.5 work in diamond mine
3.6 contact reprisentitave
3.7 Distribution products to new state
3.8 decide amount of goods
3.9 make deal with Chinese
4 Government
4.1 gather evidence for issue
4.2 participate in debate w/ evidence
4.3 identify government
4.4 police job
4.5 Petition
4.6 political rally
4.7 represent US in Kenya
4.8 run for city council
4.9 defendant at trial
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