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B1: 1.2 - Weight problems


Weight problems
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B1: 1.2 - Weight problems
  1. If you take in more energy then you use, the excess is stored as fat. You do need some body fat for cushioning organs and energy store. This can be a form of malnourishment if you eat a lot more food then you need.
    1. Overtime this could lead you to become overweight or even obese.
      1. Overweight - carrying excess fat with a BMI between 25 & 30.
        1. Obese - very overweight - BMI of over 30.
      2. You loose mass when the energy content in your food is less then the energy you use in daily life. There are three main ways you can loose mass.
        1. 1) Cut back on the amount of energy you take in, by cutting back the amount of food you eat.
          1. 2) Increase the amount of energy you use by exercising.
            1. 3) The most efficient way, is to do both of these at once.
            2. Dificiency diseases are due to a lack of mineral ions and vitamins. This is common in both children and adults when they do not have enough food.
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