Cold War

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Cold War
  1. Spying
    1. Both sides spied on eachother
      1. Increased rivalry
      2. This was to find out any military
        1. Spy planes were often used
          1. They could fly high and take photographs
            1. could avoid being shot down
            2. Example was the American U2 spy plane
          2. Loans and aid
            1. Compete to provide loans and aids to less developed states
              1. Win their support in the cold war
            2. Space Races
              1. Compete for success in the space races
                1. Compete to launch the first satellite
                  1. First man in space
                    1. First man on the moon
                  2. Arms race
                    1. Competition in conventional as well as nuclear weapons
                      1. Both wanted more weapons
                        1. Both wanted newer technology
                        2. Each side had enough nuclear weapons to destroy eachother
                          1. 'Mutually assured destruction' or MAD theory
                          2. Deterrent against war
                          3. Propaganda
                            1. Used to crete worst possible image of eachother
                              1. Ensure the national public supports the govenment
                              2. The Soviet Union used success in sports
                                1. The Olympics
                                  1. Illustrated the superiority of the communist system
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