Anatomy of Pelvis

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Anatomy of Pelvis
1 Limits
1.1 Lateral Surface
1.1.1 ANTERIOR: it goes down and forward, composed by the pubis's symphysis and the obturator foramen
1.1.2 SIDEWAYS: composed by the gluteal face, the isquion bone and the posterior face of the obutrator foramen
1.1.3 POSTERIOR: Composed by the back of the coccyx and sacrum bone, also the sacroiliac joint, and posterior and medial part of the gluteal pit.
1.2 Medial Surface
1.2.1 Presents a circular constriction, the superior strait of the pelvis divides the cavity in superior and inferior (greater pelvis and lesser pelvis)
2 Division
2.1 Greater pelvis (fake pelvis)
2.1.1 Limits: Above the upper opening of the pelvis. Posterolateral: Wings of the ilia. Backward: S1 vertebra --> lined by iliopsoas muscle
2.2 Lesser Pelvis
2.2.1 Is the pelvic excavation; located between the upper and lower openings of the pelvis Walls Antero Inferior: composed by the backside of the pubic symphysis and pubis,and a part of the obturator foramen Sideways: verticals, formed by the deep face of the obturator foramen and quadrilateral bone surface. Postero Superior: is the front face of the sacrum and coccyx bones
3 Narrows
3.1 Greater Narrow
3.1.1 Backward: Promontory
3.1.2 Lateral: sacrum wing, arcuate line and iliopubic eminence
3.1.3 Foward: pectinium crest, upper edge of the pubis and pubis symphysis
3.2 Inferior Narrow of the pelvis
3.2.1 Forward: lower edge of the pubic symphysis
3.2.2 Backward: Tip of the coccyx
3.2.3 Lateral: isquion bones joint to the symphysis
3.2.4 sacrotuberous ligament: fibrous sheet that extends from the posterior iliac spines and the external iliac fossa to the corresponding edge of the sacrum and the coccyx and the apex of the ischial spine.
3.2.5 Minor ligament sacrociático: It is a triangular fibrous sheet whose base is attached to the edge of the sacrum and the coccyx and the apex of the ischial spine
4 Diameters
4.1 ANATOMIC CONJUGATE DIAMETER is anteriorposterior pubicsacrum, extended from the promontory to the upper border of the pubic symphysis (11cm)
4.2 TRUE CONJUGATE DIAMETER: extended from the promontory to the rear face of the pubic symphysis (10,5 cm)
4.3 MAXIMUM TRANSVERSE DIAMETER: intersects the precedent in the union of their two previous thirds with the posterior third. (13,5 cm)
4.4 TRANSVERSE DIAMETER It lies in the middle of the promontory and the symphysis and it's also conjugate diameter (12,5-13 cm)
4.5 OBLIQUE DIAMETERS right and left, they goes from the iliopubic eminence to the sacroiliac joint of the opposite side (12,5 cm)
5 Definition: The pelvis is the result set of the union of the two innominate bones, sacrum and coccyx , is located in the lower trunk.
5.1 Innominate Bones formed by: ilium, ischium and pubis
6 pelvic floor: separate pelvic cavity perineum, consisting of muscle and fascia.
6.1 Consist in 2 muscles: levator ani they join together in a connective tendon.
6.2 coccygeal muscle, pass between the edges of the sacrum and coccyx to the ischial spine or sciatica
6.3 Pelvic Diaphragm: a structure en U-form related with organs of the urogenital system.
7 Pelvic Cavity: covered peritoneum
7.1 ANTERIOR: Bladder POSTERIOR: Rectum Between anterior -posterior: is the womb.
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