Life in Ancient Egypt

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Life in Ancient Egypt
  1. Work and Family
      1. Life for Women in Ancient Egypt was easy, they could work in the government and could manage properties.
        1. Childhood: Only wealthy children may went to school. Poor children learned their parents job. They married at teens.
          1. Slaves: They were the people who had debts, were criminals, or prisioners of war.
            1. Specialized Jobs:Farmers, Animal Raisers, Trader, Priest, Soldier, Scribe, Laborer ,Artisan, Ruler, Slave
              1. Rulers and Priests: the rulers ruled the priests, and priests took care of temples and statues.
                1. Making Mummies: They believed in afterlife,so they embalmed the dead person and made mummies.
                  1. Many Gods: They were politheistic. They beliebed in many nature gods of afterlife.
                    1. Life After Death: they believed in a happy afterlife.
                    2. EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE
                      1. Astronomy:Discovered a star called Sirius. Developed the first practical calendar of 365 days.
                        1. HIEROGRYPHS: Invented 700 characters and 6000 symbols. Made paper called papirus
                          1. Medicine: Performed first surgery, used medicinal herbs.
                            1. Geometry: Measured lands with knotted ropes. Used rectangles and triangles.
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