Data connections

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Data connections
1 Wired (ethernet)
1.1 Ethernet is probably the most expensive as all the wires cost a bit and the monthly subscription adds to the cost
1.2 It has the fastest bandwidth
1.3 Shortest range
1.4 Also Used by companys as it offers the best and most stable connection
1.5 Used By people with PC's that need fast bandwidth (a lot of downloading/online streaming/ gaming)
2 Bluetooth
2.1 Shortest range
2.2 Cheapest
2.3 Device to device only
2.4 Used by people sharing files
2.4.1 However, Bluetooth isn't as common as it was because mobile data makes finding files a lot easier when not near a wifi connection
2.5 Worst bandwidth, yet highly reliable
3 Wireless (wifi)
3.1 Second fastest bandwidth
3.2 Well, its wireless
3.3 pricey
3.3.1 Second most expenive due to monthly payments.
3.3.2 However, It could be the cheapest becasue some places or organisations offer free connections to the wifi
3.4 Used by people at homes or with Laptops as it offers a decent range and connection without the device having to be plugged in
3.5 Not as reliable as ethernet however, the connection is normally stable
4 Mobile data
4.1 Biggest range
4.2 Connection can vary on area
4.2.1 As the connection isn't always strong its very unreliable
4.3 Also Known as GPRS
4.4 commonly used by people not near a wifi connection and by engineers trying to connect back to their company
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