Origins of Psychology

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origins of psychology

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Origins of Psychology
1 although Greek philosophers did not rely on systematic study, they did set the stage for the development of the sciences, including psychology, through their reliance on observation as a means of knowing their world
2 the individuals of the Renaissance were beginning to refine the modern concept of experimentation through observation
3 dualism: the concept that the mind and body are separate and distiinct
4 "Modern science began to emerge by combining philosophers reflections, logic, and mathematics with the observations and inventiveness of practical people." -Hilgard, 1987
5 By the 19th century, biologists had announced the discovery of cells as the building block of life
5.1 After that came the periodic table of elements, and physicists made great progress in furthering our understandings of atomic forces
5.1.1 it was in this environment- natural scientists studying complex phenomena by reducing them to simpler parts- that the science of psychology was formed
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