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Child Breadwinner


Different issues triggered by child breadwinner
Daniela Borrás
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Daniela Borrás
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Child Breadwinner
  1. Childhood is the time in which children develop and create their character, for this they need a quiet environment, but most of all they need to be with their families and in home.
    1. To enter the workforce at an early age, it makes the child to interact with people outside their peer group,which involves an effect on the socialization of a child and in the process of identity construction.
      1. The activities carried out by children do not correspond to their age, in this regard, the UNICEF study says that "this work is not correspond to it's nature, it alienate their own spaces and limit or prevent the development of this stage life. This would generate apathy, prematurity, premature emancipation, etc. Regardless of the type or conditions of work."
      2. Child breadwinners deprive children of their education, that's why it is part of the beckground of children right's violation, due to education is essential for the excersice of all the other children's fundamental rights.
        1. Lack of education generates unemployment people,in this regard the World Bank said that "The basic educational needs of children so often not met, in consequence children are not being given a fighting chance to breaking the cycle of poverty, disease, abuse, war, and so much more.". Therefore uneducated people would obtained low-paid, labor intensive and physically-demanding jobs. This fact, as we mentioned above, affects the counties' social and economic development.
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