North:By Donna Jo Napoli

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quarter 1 book project

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North:By Donna Jo Napoli
  1. Theme
    1. Message/theme Family issues,adventure
      1. How brought out in the book, Alvin's dad died so his mom got worried about him and forbid him from traveling, but since he seeks adventure he left home and went to Canada
      2. main conflict
        1. conflict/problem Alvin wants to visit places from his stories but can't
          1. Cause/ His mom is extremely over protective and wont let him
        2. Characters
          1. Name: Shastri
            1. Alvin's mom
              1. Shastri is a friend of Alvin
                1. Is overprotective of Alvin
                  1. Always watches and cares for Alvin
                  2. Cheers Alvin up when hes sad
                  3. Alvin
                    1. Is the main character
                      1. Wants to visit places
                        1. Setting
                          1. Time: January
                            1. Place/location Washington D.C
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