Riley Coulter: A Walk to Remember Author- Nicholas Sparks

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Riley Coulter: A Walk to Remember Author- Nicholas Sparks
1 Setting
1.1 The year of 1958, Fall through Spring
1.2 In Beaufort, North Carolina
2 Characters
2.1 Landon Carter
2.1.1 thoughtful
2.1.2 open-minded
2.2 Jamie Sullivan
2.2.1 religious
2.2.2 gracious
2.3 Hegbert Sullivan
2.3.1 spiritual
2.3.2 strict
3 Theme
3.1 Message: People are not who you think they are.
3.2 This message came to me in the book because every parent thought Landon was this big trouble maker when really he was the only one to care for Jamie. Also, everyone else thought Jamie was a freak, even Landon did, but he found out before the others that Jamie is really special. Everyone just stereotyped her, but she is much more than what people thought she was.
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Conflict: Landon is starting to fall in love with the preacher's daughter, Jamie. Everyone thinks Jamie is weird because nobody actually really knows her. They make fun of Landon for starting to love her and being around her.
4.2 Cause- Landon is in a play with Jamie and after spending some time around her, he starts to fall for her.
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