Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Financial Analysis

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Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Financial Analysis

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Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Financial Analysis
  1. Measure: easily defined with no calculations and with simple dimensions
    1. Metric: involves calculation
      1. Qualitive performance metrics are better suited for measuring perceptions
        1. On time delivery
          1. Reactive metrics:employees to see and use
            1. Proactive metrics: "push" metrics to metrics
              1. Successful SC performance measurement relies on appropriate metrics that capture the entire essence of the SCP
                1. 1.Development of a metrics program should be result of
                  1. 2. Involve customers and suppliers
                    1. 3. Develop a tiered structure for the
                      1. 4. Identify metric owners and tie metric goal achievement to an individuals performance evaluation
                        1. Performance categories
                          1. Time, quality, cost and miscellaneous or support
                          2. Efficiency of the SC impacts the time required to process a customer´s order
                            1. Alternative SC decisions: ROA and ROE
                              1. Service failures result in: lost sales and rehandling costs
                                1. Jennifer A. Torres Guillen. Referencias: Coyle, Langley, Novack, Gibson. (2012). Supply Chain Management. A Logistics Perspective


                                  • Referencias: Supply Chain Management. A Logistics Perspective, ISBN 978-0-538-47918, 9th edition. Authors: Coyle, Langley, Novack, Gibson, Editorial Cengage
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