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W. Edward Deming's 14 Points.


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W. Edward Deming's 14 Points.
  1. Create a constant purpose toward improvement.
    1. Plan for quality in the long term.
      1. Don't just do the same things better, find better things to do.
    2. Adopt the new philosophy.
      1. Embrace quality throughout the organization.
        1. Put your customers' needs first, rather than react to competitive pressure – and design products and services to meet those needs.
          1. Be prepared for a major change in the way business is done. It's about leading, not simply managing.
            1. Create your quality vision, and implement it.
      2. Stop depending on inspections.
        1. Build quality into the process from start to finish.
          1. Inspections are costly and unreliable
          2. Use a single supplier for any one item.
            1. Analyze the total cost to you, not just the initial cost of the product.
              1. Use quality statistics to ensure that suppliers meet your quality standards.
                1. Quality relies on consistency
            2. Improve constantly
              1. Emphasize training and education so everyone can do their jobs better.
                1. Retrain yourself and your employees.
                  1. Encourage education and self improvement.
                  2. Use training on the job
                    1. Train for consistency to help reduce variation.
                      1. Build a foundation of common knowledge.
                        1. Encourage staff to learn from one another, and provide a culture and environment for effective teamwork.
                    2. Implement leadership.
                      1. Expect your supervisors and managers to understand their workers and the processes they use.
                        1. Figure out what each person actually needs to do his or her best.
                      2. Eliminate fear.
                        1. Make workers feel valued, and encourage them to look for better ways to do things.
                          1. Use open and honest communication to remove fear from the organization.
                        2. Break down barriers between departments.
                          1. Break down barriers between departments.
                            1. Focus on collaboration and consensus instead of compromise.
                          2. Get rid of unclear slogans.
                            1. Let people know exactly what you want
                              1. Don't let words and nice-sounding phrases replace effective leadership.
                              2. Eliminate management by objectives.
                                1. Look at how the process is carried out, not just numerical targets. Deming said that production targets encourage high output and low quality.
                                  1. Measure the process rather than the people behind the process.
                                    1. Provide support and resources so that production levels and quality are high and achievable.
                                    2. Remove barriers to pride of workmanship.
                                      1. Allow everyone to take pride in their work without being rated or compared.
                                      2. Implement education and self-improvement.
                                        1. Improve the current skills of workers.
                                          1. Encourage people to learn new skills to prepare for future changes and challenges.
                                        2. Make "transformation" everyone's job.
                                          1. Analyze each small step, and understand how it fits into the larger picture.
                                            1. Improve your overall organization by having each person take a step toward quality.
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