Elements of "Life of Pi"

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Life of Pi

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Elements of "Life of Pi"
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Conflict/Problem Pi is trapped on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger, with little food and water.
1.2 Cause- The ship that Pi and his zoo animals were on sunk, leaving these two unlikely aquaintances to share a lifeboat together.
2 Theme
2.1 How brought out in the book- Pi believed in three religions, and praying about them on the lifeboat everyday helped him get through his troubles.
2.2 Message/Theme Though we face times of great trial, believing in something will help you get through all of your troubles.
3 Setting
3.1 Time The boat sinks on July 2nd, 1977. He is on the lifeboat for 227 days.
3.2 Place/Location Pondicherry, India. Also the Pacific Ocean
4 Characters
4.1 Piscine Molitor Patel
4.1.1 Also known as Pi, this young man was the son of a zoo keeper in India. Piscine grew up in India, and was on the way to Canada, when the boat his family and his zoo was on sunk.
4.1.2 Pi spent most of this novel on a lifeboat that he shared With a Bengal tiger from his zoo. While he was on the boat, he was dehydrated and starving most of the time. Pi now resides in Canada, with two kids and a wife.
4.2 Richard Parker
4.2.1 Richard Parker was a Bengal Tiger who lived in Pondicherry zoo in India, He was being shipped to Canada when the zoo owners decided to move. The ship sunk and Richard Parker found himself on a lifeboat with Pi Patel. He stayed on this boat for 227 days.
4.2.2 Richard Parker formed an alliance with Pi with one condition, the will to survive. They formed a bond on the boat and before in the zoo. When they finally hit land though, Richard Parker walked into the jungle without looking back. Richard probably died not to long after he left, as he was very weak and had been in captivity all of his life.
4.3 Yann Martel
4.3.1 Yann Martel is the writer of this book. He called up a man named Pi Patel, who everyone said had a good story for him. He went to Canada and talked to Pi to hear his story.
4.3.2 Yann wrote this book based on the amazing story that Pi had to tell. He made a remark in the contexts of the book, saying, "but any inaccuracies or mistakes are mine" meaning that there is probably a lot of mistakes, as he was told the story orally.
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