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Aztec Empire


aztec empire
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Aztec Empire
  1. Tributes to the mexicas
    1. The Aztec Empire was located in the middle of smaller civilizations, since the Aztec had a lot of power this civilizations had to pay the Aztec in some way. The things they payed to the Aztec were food, jewlery and resources they could use.
    2. Origins
      1. The Aztec started they were originally from Axtlan a mythical island. Then after two centuries of migration from the North they arrived at the Valley of Mexico
      2. Eagle Cactus and Huitzilopochtli
        1. Huitzilopochtli(the god of the Aztecs) told them that they would see a signal that would be where their civilization would stablish this signal would be an eagle standing on a cacus eating a snake.. This signal was an island in the middle of lake Texcoco, it is now known as Tenochtitlan.
        2. Moctezuma II
          1. Moctezuma II was the ninth emperor of the Aztecs. In 1517 he got the news that strangers had arrived. It wasn`t until 1519 that Cortez and Moctezuma met. He was imprisioned by the Spanish and died in 1920 in a battle against the Spanish.
          2. Chapultepec
            1. Chapultepec is one of the places where the Aztec established before Tenochtitla. The Aztec fortified the hill but they were expelled from the place by neighbors.
            2. Tenochtitlan
              1. Tecochtitlan was the center of the Aztec civilization. It is located in an island near Lake Texcoco. At the center of the city there is a pyramid that is called Temple Mayor.
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