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1 around 80000 years ago most of the earth was covered with ice. it was the ice age during the paleolithic period
2 developing humans lived in tribes who hunted and gathered whatever food they could find in those difficult conditions
3 there were two very primitive groups, the wagabus and the kzam
4 were homo neanderthalensis the wagabus were the least advanced they were covered with hair didn't have any tools and had vey limited language
5 the other two groups the ulam and the ivaka were more evolved homo sapiens sapien
6 one day the wagabu invaded the territory of the ulam there is a terrible battle the wagabus who outnumber the ulam and are fiercer, win the battle
7 members of both groups are killed but some ulams manage to escape among them the fire tender with the tribe's fire unfortunately, by accident, the fire is extinguished
8 three ulams gaw, naoh and amoukar are sent out to find fire again
9 the three ulam friends get to kzam territory and naoh is attacked and hurt. after that, they all escape with an ivaka prisioner, ika.
10 naoh has to suffer a lot humiliation before the ivaka accept him into the tribe and show him their primitive culture and technological advancements like spears used for hunting
11 their trip back is also difficult; they have to fight a bear and other tribesmen, using the spears they took from the ivakas
11.1 finally they arrive home. they give the flame to the fire tender, but he falls in the water and the fire is extinguished again
12 naok tries to start it, but. ika takes two sticks and rubs them, producing a park that makes everyone happy
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