One-Handed Catch

Drew Maertens
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Drew Maertens
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One-Handed Catch
1 Theme
1.1 Norm loses his arm in a meat grinder. He teaches himself how to play baseball with only one hand
1.2 Even though you might have a disability, you can still do difficult things like sports
2 Main Conflict
2.1 Norm loses hand but wants to make the baseball team.
2.2 Meat grinder and people didn't think he could learn to play with one hand
3 Setting
3.1 1946
3.2 Small town meat store
4 Characters
4.1 Norm
4.1.1 Friendly and loves baseball
4.1.2 Family doesn't have much money
4.1.3 11 years old
4.1.4 Funny
4.2 Leon
4.2.1 Not supportive of Norm playing baseball at first
4.2.2 Norm's best friend forever
4.3 Carl
4.3.1 One of the boys that just moved to a new school and to a new town and a great friend
4.3.2 One of his friends from school and from jamboree
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