How do forces improve our lives?

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Created by ckarapetis almost 6 years ago
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How do forces improve our lives?
1 FRICTION:a knowledge of friction helps improve our lives because it teaches us to wear socks under our shoes so that our feet don’t get blisters caused from our shoes rubbing against our feet too much, caused by friction. Also, it helps us to be more careful when we drive in wet conditions so that we don’t slip and have he risk of a car accident.
2 GRAVITY: Gravity helps improve our lives because it is what pulls our bodies towards the earth, keeping us firm on the ground. As well as the obvious answer, our knowledge about gravity helps us to learn more about space and the adjustments you would need to put into space ships and space outfits for when astronauts go into space.
3 AIR RESISTANCE: A knowledge of Air resistance helps improve our lives for when people go skydiving or parachuting. They need to be given a parachute that is the correct size for them and is the proper shape and material so that it can fall down to the ground smoothly and safely, without it breaking on the way down or falling down too fast. As well as parachutes, knowing about air resistance helps us create planes to make them as safe and well structuerd as possible.
4 MAGNETIC FORCE: The knowledge of magnetic force helps improve our lives because it helps us with moving things into groups. An example of this is at recycling plants. To separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials they use magnetic force which is a magnet that attracts all of the magnetic materials. It also helps to improve our lives because it helps us with construction. When you want to move something heavy, they use magnetic force to carry the object over.
5 ELECTROSTATIC FORCE: the knowledge of electrostatic force improves our lives because it gives us the understanding of certain actions we make. For example, we know electrostatic force is used when we go down slides or get electric shots. This knowledge also can give us ideas to create games, like rubbing balloons on your head and watch your hair stick up as well as giving each other electric shots!
6 INERTIA: teaches us to wear seatbelts when we are in cars or any vehicles so that they don’t hurt their heads or get any injuries if the vehicle brakes suddenly. As well as that, a knowledge on inertia helps us to secure things on properly if they are travelling on a vehicle, if you are transporting a piece of furniture, you want to strap it down so that it doesn’t get ruined when vehicles are stopping and starting.
7 ACCELERATION: Acceleration helps improve our lives because it is very helpful for athletes and also drivers. Firstly, the knowledge of acceleration is very beneficial to athletes because it helps them train at different speeds and helps them to know when to maintain their pace or speed up. It is important for drivers as well, so that they have the power to accelerate when driving and get faster when needed.
8 ACTION AND REACTION: Action and reaction helps improve our lives because we know that for every good deed or action we make there will be a positive reaction, and you are leaving behind the negative thoughts. for example “The more you go out to serve other people, the less selfish you will be.” Another way it improves our lives is that it gives us a better understanding on the collision between objects, for example working out the creation of a car accident.
9 FORCE: Forces helps improve our lives because they help us understand concepts and activities we do in our day-to-day lives, as well as preventing injuries and death. Knowing about forces help us to improve many things we use and do, to keep us safe and up to date.