Useful materials for the development of the child

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Useful materials for the development of the child

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Useful materials for the development of the child
  1. 1. Material for the development of the knowledge according to Cuisenaire
    1. Cuisenaire contributed a valuable material for the education of the arithmetic. It(He,She) suggested a structural dynamics that consists of a didactic that help for the "visualization" of the class of equivalence, offered to the didactic material known with the name of " the numbers of color ".
    2. 2. Environmental material and of waste
      1. It is very economic. It consists on natural or recoverable resources (plastic, buttons, cords, pieces of fabric, pieces of paper...).
      2. 3. Structured materials
        1. Material designed with a pedagogic specific purpose. In the use of the material there must be a stage of free game in which the child satisfies his/her curiosity and could explore.
        2. Requirements of a good didactic material
          1. 1. To be adapted at the level of intellectual, cultural, social and physical development of the child. 2. To allow experimentation, creativity, discovery and autoproperness. 3. Soft textures to 3-year-old children and as they grow they can use others (rough(harsh), rugose ...) 4. The size of the material must be bigger when the child is little. 5. Defined colors. 6. The weight of the materials must be minor when the child is little.
          2. Activities with waste material that contributes to the introduction of mathematical concepts
            1. 1. Select objects of colors
              1. 2. Dominoes
                1. 3. Game of lottery
                  1. 4. Which is heavier?
                    1. 5. Bowling.
                      1. 6. Match.
                        1. 7. More or less?
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