Found by Margret Haddix

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Found by: Margret Peterson Haddix

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Found by Margret Haddix
1 Problem
1.1 Jonah and Chip are looking for their birth parents
1.1.1 They find out the FBI is connected with their unknown past.
1.2 Jonah, Chip, and Katherine fall into a trap! They are "taken" on a "field trip", and trapped in a cave.
2 Chararcters
2.1 13 year old boy, who likes to play basketball
2.1.1 Jonah Good grades Good listener Paranoid For example, in one of the book he brings walkie talkies. In case they get into trouble. or when he thought people were watching him everywhere he went. Adopted Fast tember
2.1.2 Chip Clever Anxious Likes Katherine Adopted Chip finds out he is adopted. New kid Hates parents
2.2 Tween girl who is good at basketball
2.2.1 Katherine Girly Cheerleader Conflicted Jock or pretty cheerleader? Clever Impressionable Calm under pressure
3 Setting
3.1 Time
3.1.1 13 years after a plane delivered 36 babies to an airport.
3.2 Location
3.2.1 Ohio Library FBI Agency A Cave
4 The Missing!
4.1 13 years ago, a plane full of 36 babies were found.
4.1.1 The plane disappeared before anyone could find out more.
4.2 The Missing are the babies on the plane.
4.2.1 They were put up for adoption
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