Elements of the Novel "Counting By 7's"

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Elements of the Novel "Counting By 7's"
1 Setting
1.1 Fosters Freeze
1.1.1 Place/location
1.2.1 Time
2 Characters
2.1 Name: Willow Chance
2.1.1 Curious
2.1.2 ODD
2.2 Name: Dell Duke
2.2.1 Helpful
2.2.2 Caring
2.3 Name: Quang-ha
2.3.1 Strange
2.3.2 Quiet
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Cause-- Willow's parents died and she is a orphan until she finds a home.
3.2 Conflict/Problem Willow Chance's parents died in a car axident and now Willow needs to find a home for her.
4 Theme
4.1 Message/Theme The message in this book is that life may be hard and difficult but, never give up trying to make it better.
4.2 How brought out in book- This was brought out in this book because Willow went through so much, with her parents dying and her being a orphan. She really had a hard life. She never gave up trying to make her life better after her parents died.
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